Welcome Sword and Laser listeners!

I received an email yesterday mentioning:
You may have noticed that many people have been visiting your blog. The Sword & Laser book club (on GoodReads.com) is reading Bridge of Birds this month. Someone in the book club mentioned your blog as a way to listen to the book.
I actually don't really keep track of stats around here but when I went to check I saw that there was indeed increased traffic. (As well as some very nice comments in their forum thread.)

My husband checked bandwidth use and was stunned. My apologies for slow downloading. I'm not sure how many of the 15,000 members were trying to listen rather than read but it was enough to test the hosting company's capacity evidently.

Also, my apologies, again, for the Chinese pronunciation. This is where knowledge can indeed hurt you (or your ears!).

Many thanks to Tamahome from SFFaudio who kept bringing my reading to the Sword and Laser gang at Goodreads! It is nice to have such a persistent friend.

If you're new here and haven't listened to Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart, I recommend it. It has consistently been a favorite and with good reason. Mr. Hughart has a rare talent. I thank him again for allowing us to enjoy it together.

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