How to Get Forgotten Classics Onto Your iPad ...

... or other device that normally needs an app, including iPhones.

I got an email asking how to get the older episodes onto your iPad since they don't show up in iTunes.

I talked to my husband about how he does this with his iPad for podcasts that don't have apps.

He says:

  1. Download the episodes to a computer (not your iPad) that has iTunes.
  2. Open the episodes in iTunes*.
  3. Synch your iPad's iTunes to your computer's iTunes. That will put the files on your iPad.

* They'll come in as music which you can change to a podcast, if you like, using the "Get Info" command under "Files" in iTunes.

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  1. Julie, thank you for the help (or thank your husband for me). I am gonna try it now. Kc


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