Favorite LibriVox Readers

I recently realized that an old post listing my favorite LibriVox readers has mysteriously disappeared. Meaning, of course, that I must have inadvertently deleted it.

However, I can rebuild!

My Favorite Readers
With my particular favorites of the books they've read — though this may tell you more about the sorts of books I read than about their talent.

I do want to mention also that I've seen people complain about collaborative readings. It is true that you get varying quality throughout a book that way, but I don't mind generally. Hey, it is a free audiobook! And I've found some very good readers that way.
  • David Barnes - The Canterville Ghost, The Club of Queer Trades, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

  • David Clarke - Count of Monte Cristo

  • Rowdy Delany - The White Moll

  • Lee Elliott - The Angel of Terror, Greener Than You Think

  • Ruth Golding - Cleek of Scotland Yard series, A House to Let by Dickens et al.,  The Magic City, and The Magic World

  • Tadhg Hynes - His David Copperfield and Oliver Twist readings helped me keep my sanity during a very difficult couple of weeks.

  • Elizabeth Klett - Carmilla, The Machine Stops

  • Dawn Larsen - Parnassus on Wheels

  • Gregg Margarite - he read lots of stories that went into SF story collections so no one thing stands out to me over the others.

  • Andy Minter - The Prisoner of Zenda, The Princess and the Goblin

  • Mark Nelson - oh so many, especially The Green Odyssey, Lone Star Planet, Crime and Punishment, Talents Incorporated

  • Mil Nicholson - she only does Dickens and they are all good.

  • Maire Rhode - The Adventures of Jimmie Dale

  • Karen Savage - The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Secret Garden, The Story of the Treasure Seekers

  • J.M. Smallheer - The Green Jacket, The Fortieth Door, The House of a Thousand Candles

  • Mark Smith - Ben Hur, Treasure Island

  • Peter Yearsley - Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, Grim Tales
A couple of other resources for favorite readers may be found here: