Eternal Rest Grant Him, O Lord ... For Gregg Margarite

I had the privilege of "meeting" Gregg on SFFaudio and he seemed larger than life somehow, so it was with great shock that I heard via SFFaudio that he died of a sudden heart attack.

This is such a shock and I am really sad because I’m going to miss Gregg so much. He was pervasive in my life, whether via his many LibriVox readings, hearing his conversations on the SFFaudio podcast, or our sparring on the occasional SFFaudio podcasts we were on (as is only natural for an outspoken Catholic and an outspoken existentialist). I am doubly sad because I always cherished the hope that I would get to New York City and be able to have cocktails with him.

Maureen commented at SFFaudio that she suspected Philip K. Dick is now showing Gregg around the afterlife and that made me laugh. It made me hope that that stubborn existentialist took the chance offered at the last second to grasp Christ's hand and get to meet all those fine authors who have gone before him and whose work he read so well for LibriVox. And I am praying that when I get to Purgatory, they'll either tell me he's gone on ahead ... or he'll wave a hand at the chair next to his.

Gregg, we will all miss you very much.
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
And may Gregg see your face, Lord. This I pray.

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Episode 183: Genesis, chapters 45-46

In which there is a family reunion.

Episode 183, chapters 45-46
(download or listen via this link)
NOTE: The mp3 files says 46-47 ... that is my error. The file actually contains chapters 45-46. Sorry!
Book Information
  • This book is under copyright. Forgotten Classics has been granted the non-exclusive right to read Robert Alter's translation of Genesis and his commentary. This book is published by WW Norton. Please contact Mr. Alter or his agent for any permissions. Many thanks to Robert Alter and Georges Borchardt for their graciousness in allowing us to read this book.
  • If you are enjoying this reading, please buy Genesis. It comes to life even more when you are able to see and ponder the words.
  • Story rating: R for adult situations and commentary.
  • I will do my best to properly pronounce any Hebrew words but cannot promise accuracy. Biblical words may be pronounced using this guide.
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    Episode 182: Bridge of Birds, chapters 16-17

    In which Legs of Great Power can only carry us so far and
    we meet an old acquaintance who tells of a blessing in disguise.
    Episode 182, chapters 16-17
    (download or listen via this link)

    Book Information
    • Story rating: PG-13 for occasional adult situations.
    • This book is in under copyright. Forgotten Classics has been granted permission by author Barry Hughart to read Bridge of Birds. Please contact Mr. Hughart or his agent for any permissions.
    • If you are enjoying this reading, please buy Bridge of Birds and the other two books in the trilogy that comprise The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox. It is available on Kindle too!
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