Barry Hughart

Bridge of Birds 
(Book 1 of The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox)


  1. Loving it so far and the sense of humor is great, such as plague that can count.

  2. always loved this series. Heard that there is a 4th book unpublished. Would love to see it published so I can buy it.

  3. One of my favorite books, I read it many years ago and I was so glad that I found your blog so I can listen to it and enjoy it again. ( I also wanted to see if it were ok for my kids to read it). I think it's ok for my 15 year old to read (some mention of nakedness, concubines and an allusion to having sex, nothing graphic) but not my 13 year old.... not yet
    Thank you for making this audio, I enjoyed thoroughly!

    1. You are very welcome! So glad you enjoyed it!


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