Episode 136: Genesis, Note to the Reader 1

In which we consider translation and Biblical Hebrew, imagery and literalism.

Genesis, Note to the Reader 1
(download or listen via this link)
Book Information
  • This book is in under copyright. Forgotten Classics has been granted the non-exclusive right to read Robert Alter's translation of Genesis and his commentary. This book is published by WW Norton. Please contact Mr. Alter or his agent for any permissions. Many thanks to Robert Alter and Georges Borchardt for their graciousness in allowing us to read this book.
  • If you are enjoying this reading, please buy Genesis. It comes to life even more when you are able to see and ponder the words.
  • Story rating: R for adult situations and commentary.
  • I will do my best to properly pronounce any Hebrew words but cannot promise accuracy. Biblical words may be pronounced using this guide.
Podcast Highlight
  • FilmNerds: zombies series (UPDATE: except for the last episode in that series, Zombies and Religion which has some very inaccurate information about Catholicism in the beginning. Which, for me, put their comments about Islam in question as well. The last 10-15 minutes seemed solid as far as I could tell with my limited knowledge of Eastern religions.)
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  1. I'm hard of hearing but I was able to understand you since you read so clearly and well. Thanks.

  2. I shouldn't be too worried about the pronunciation of non-Biblical Hebrew. During my months in Israel, I was often amused by listening to the local colleagues chat; the native Israelis and the American immigrants both speak fluent modern Hebrew, but the Americans pronounce the language in a way that is so very clearly English. And everyone understood each other.

    Enjoy the glorious Octember!

  3. Whew! Thank you for the reassurance! :-)

  4. Okay that episode was way too short. I was really hooked into the nuances of biblical translations and then it ended! I so enjoy this kind of content and a serious treatment on the subject of translations and the difficulties involved with clarity and not losing the original meaning and style.

    The topic of philologist and meaning over style is really very interesting. Though it got me thinking about J.R.R. Tolkien who was a philologist, poet, and literary genius. How cool would it have been if he had taken up the task of translating Genesis? He totally understood the concept of true myths and would have been a natural at this. Though he was more likely to translate Genesis into Elvish.

    Anyway, loving the content.

  5. I'm so excited about this Julie! Can't wait to hear more.

  6. "Say... Someone who is really into Dante's Inferno..." :-) That would be me.

    BTW, dunno how I managed to stay away so long, but good to be back.

    I was listening to Night Drive last night while finishing up some work in Excel and found myself staying twenty minutes after I finished, white knuckled, till you were done.

  7. Darwin! So good to hear from you ... sorry you are so far away in the cold Ohio weather. :-)


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