Episode 132: The Riddle of the Sands, chapter 27

In which Carruthers becomes a man of action.

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  1. I have been binge-reading Shakespeare of late. One of those things I kept meaning to do, even though I had a good introduction to Shakespeare growing up in the theater and doing a couple of the plays.

    I get much more out of him now and realize even more that the language isn't really that archaic - just poetic and really accessible without much effort. Sure it is nice to delve deeper into the meanings, but even on a surface level the plays are greatly accessible.

    Have you read any of Joseph Pearce's books on Shakespeare? His first book on the evidence for ole William being Catholic is overwhelming in evidence for it. I have been meaning to get the Ignatius Literary Editions that he did for a couple of the plays. From time to time Pearce appears on Al Kresta's show and spends an hour on a literary classic and I love the depth of his insights.

  2. I noticed this week that you had just finished some Shakespeare. Which tied in so well with Chop Bard and Arkangel for me.

    It also made me think of Pearce, Catholicism and Shakespeare, all the moreso because Hamlet has the ghost referring to Purgatory and Hamlet talking about having to be careful when trusting a ghost because it could be the devil in disguise. All of which I found myself nodding along with, thinking, "of course!" before remembering this was not a CATHOLIC play, but just a great play. :-D

    I was wondering about picking up a written version for when listening wouldn't do ... had forgotten about the Ignatius Literary Editions, but am now going to see if my library has any. Thanks!


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