Episode 363: The Wind Boy, chapters 13-14

In which Kay chases the Masker! And then it gets complicated.
Episode 363, The Wind Boy, chapters 13-14
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Book Information
  • Story rating: G for a girl from the mountains, coppery gold hair, sandals, sculptors, new friends, and the Wind Boy.
  • This story is in the public domain.
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  1. I'm loving this story, but this particular episode didn't make it into the podcast feed for some reason. So when it was posted today - you gave away the secret (and you're right, it wasn't much of a secret). I was wondering why it had been a while since an episode, and now I know the reason. So I'm catching up on it here. Thanks for sharing the story!

    1. Thank you for the heads up! I will try reposting and see if I can get the feed straight! :-)


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