Episode 302: Talents Incorporated, finale

In which we see what happens when you depend on Talents,
only to find Talents missing when they are needed!
Episode 302, Talents Incorporated, finale
(download or listen via this link)

Book Information
  • Story rating: G for avoiding planetary invasion, straining incredulity by Talents, and space battles.
  • This story is in the public domain.
  • Narration by Mark Nelson is from LibriVox.



  1. What a great ending - a great story and then Morgan's explanation at the end that left my brain going in circles (chicken? egg?). I had never heard of Murray Leinster and now I'm going to have to read more.

    I was knitting lace while listening and had to count out loud very firmly during the battle scene, as Bors' was counting down and I was counting up. Knitter problems!

  2. Enjoyed this story so much I did a little research on Murray Leinster. Happy to report he wrote a lot of short stories so I have much to explore. Thanks for another great introduction to a classic!


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