Episode 221: The Mouse in the Mountain, chapter 10

In which there is murder, mayhem, and a missing person in the night ... 
and a mysterious umbrella.
Episode 221, The Mouse in the Mountain, chapter 10
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  1. Thank you for reading this story. I found this site recently, and caught up on the Mouse in the Mountain.

    I confess that I am impatient, and I had to download the rest of the story, because I couldn't wait [hanging my head now], but I am looking forward to your podcasts as I enjoy how you give voices to the characters and your commentary afterwards.

    Thank you for a good story!

  2. I am so happy that you enjoyed the reading enough to go ahead on your own! :-)

    If I am helping people find and enjoy authors that I love, it doesn't matter to me how they read (or hear) it! :-)

    Cheers! Julie


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