Episode 180: Bridge of Birds, chapters 14-15

In which Number Ten Ox and Master Li encounter a tiger, a dragon, and a ghost.
Episode 180, chapters 14-15
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Book Information
  • Story rating: PG-13 for occasional adult situations.
  • This book is in under copyright. Forgotten Classics has been granted permission by author Barry Hughart to read Bridge of Birds. Please contact Mr. Hughart or his agent for any permissions.
  • If you are enjoying this reading, please buy Bridge of Birds and the other two books in the trilogy that comprise The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox. It is available on Kindle too!
  • More information about Barry Hughart
  • Subterranean Press
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  1. My daughter (13) and I were planning a 9-hour drive.
    One of the planned entertainments was for her to read to me while I drove.
    The book of choice was The Bridge of Birds -- which we re-read at least once each year.
    I discovered this podcast and surprised her with it as she was getting the book out.
    A word of warning to listeners: be careful when driving -- if you find your self bursting out laughing, try to do it on a long straight section of road so you don't have any trouble in the curves!


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