Episode 160: The Green Girl, chapters 9-16

In which Melvin and Sam pursue Earth's enemy,
discover astounding new forms of life, and make a new acquaintance.

Episode 160, chapters 9-16
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Book Information
  • For The Fifth Annual SFFaudio Challenge
    Courtesy of the Wonder Ebooks edition.

    NOTES: “Early sense of wonder SF.” First published in the March and April 1930 issues of Amazing Stories. Later collected in 1950 as Avon Fantasy Novel #2. “Melvin Dane has been seeing a vision of a green girl since he was a child. Images of her came over the ether. Is she just fantasy? Or a reality that managed to cross time and space? And now, with the Earth under threat of extinction, will Melvin ever meet that girl of his dreams?”
  • Story rating: G (so far)
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