Episode 139: Genesis, Note to Reader 4

In which we consider old-school books and commentary.
Very old school books. Very new commentary.
Genesis, Note to the Reader 4
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Book Information
  • This book is in under copyright. Forgotten Classics has been granted the non-exclusive right to read Robert Alter's translation of Genesis and his commentary. This book is published by WW Norton. Please contact Mr. Alter or his agent for any permissions. Many thanks to Robert Alter and Georges Borchardt for their graciousness in allowing us to read this book.
  • If you are enjoying this reading, please buy Genesis. It comes to life even more when you are able to see and ponder the words.
  • Story rating: R for adult situations and commentary.
  • I will do my best to properly pronounce any Hebrew words but cannot promise accuracy. Biblical words may be pronounced using this guide.
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  1. I definitely agree that we don't want the commentary to interfere with the flow of the narrative. The only thing I'm not sure what I think is whether do the commentary per chapter or the full commentary after the full book. I think I might slightly (very slightly) prefer the commentary after each story arc, whenever the story arc end coincides conveniently with the chapter breaks. That way the story is a little more fresh in memory -- but it still does need the refreshment of context for the comments.

    - o -

    I've been reading Maspero's history of Egypt, Babylon, Chaldea and thereabouts. This provides me with a appreciation of the deep, deep time we are dealing with here as well. I'll try not do drool in anticipation.


  2. I like that story arc concept. The chapters are so short that one could conceivably read many of them, followed by the "commentary/footnote" sections all together. However, I could see where we might have a couple of story arcs in an episode ... but separated by the commentary ...


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