Episode 124: The Riddle of the Sands, chapters 17-18

In which we hear learn some about Fraulein Dollman,
consider Von Brunning's cleverness, and change plans
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  1. Another good episode. Also really liked your reading of Bride of Frankenstein by Mike Resnick. Quite enjoyed that story that was really closer to the original Frankenstein monster than the Karloff version.

    As for falling asleep listening to an iPod. I do that while listening to some podcasts - though never yours. Since my iPod Touch was pretty much always with me it did not get left in the covers. Even more so for my iPad which is not likely to get lost in the covers.

    Congrats on the 47" TV. We picked up the same size last year and are quite happy with it. For me it is the movie TV since I only sit in front of it on the weekends for our movie nights. Coupled with a Blu-Ray player it is even nicer and luckily Netflicks makes it affordable to watch Blu-Ray titles. Most of my TV watching though is on my computer monitor using EyeTV.

  2. Julie - Thanks for passing on the advice about how to pronounce those ship parts - I was pretty sure they were not pronounced the way they are spelled, but after that it was anybody's guess. I was content with your way!


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