Episode 119: The Riddle of the Sands, chapters 10-11

In which we set out, a certain someone makes inquiries,
and we discover the best time for lunch.
(download or listen via this link)

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Hmmm ... Robert Krulwich on Science

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  1. Hi, really enjoying this story (as I did The Uninvited beforehand). Also like the many good podcast highlights you give although they're all in my "check out later" folder due to time constraints. And as you can see, I'm running behind (hence the comment not being on the most recent issue).

    What motivated me to comment was the time-travelling/WW2 book you mentioned. It reminded me of the brilliant UK TV series - "Goodnight Sweetheart" where a guy wanders into a pub in London and finds out he's walked into the Blitz although he initially thinks he's in some kind of theme pub! Anyway, if you haven't seen it, I'm sure it would be more enjoyable than the book!

    Thanks again for the stories - cliff-hangers 'n' all!

  2. Thank you Seamus, both for the kind comments AND the tv idea. I'm going to look for that!


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