Episode 114: Saratoga Trunk Sampler

In which we observe a pair of adventurers in 1880s New Orleans.

EP 114: Saratoga Trunk Sampler
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Rating: G

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  1. Hey ma'am, just wanted to give my belated thanks for the link to my site back in the notes for Episode 111. I'm still working my way up from the beginning, and having a great time with it, too. Keep up the great work!

  2. This one (with all the yummy food descriptions) made me hungry for Jambalaya.

    Too bad you could not read the whole book.

  3. Made me hungry for Jambalaya too, that and to find out more about what happened!! So I got the book from the local library (thank goodness one of the branches had it) and enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks Julie! And thanks for continuing to find and read other classics for us.


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