Episode 38: China Court, Matins and Finale

In which we see how Tracey and Peter begin their marriage.

EP 38: China Court, Matins
Rating: G

This Book is Under Copyright
Produced with permission of Curtis Brown Group Ltd, on behalf of the Rumer Godden Literary Trust. (c) 1960 Rumer Godden

For information about Ms. Godden or for permissions please see the Rumer Godden Literary Trust.

I am very grateful to Ms. Godden's daughter, Jane Murray Flutter, and to the Curtis Brown Group Ltd. for their gracious permission to podcast this novel.

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  1. Oh, what a wonderful find you have presented us! I have just completed a listen-through of the China Court, to my complete remorse of having not known of her until finding the reading here. Even if I had seen the name of Rumer Godden before, I probably would have dismissed her as a fluffy romancer. What unfairness that would have been! The writing in this book flows like the human memory, the transitions are like associations of a fleeting memory to another. The characters reveal unexpected features (except for the modern aunts, of course), the atmosphere is lovingly but unflinchingly conveyed.
    So now I have yet another writer to look for to fill my already overflowing shelves.


  2. You just made my day! Thank you so much! :-)

    I know I've said this before but definitely read In This House of Brede and An Episode of Sparrows. Two of my favorites.


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