Episode 36: China Court, Compline 2

In which we see the rest of Lady Patrick's and Jared's story,
and begin the rest of the tale of Ripsie, John Henry, and Borowis.

EP 36: China Court, Compline, Part 2
Rating: G

This Book is Under Copyright
Produced with permission of Curtis Brown Group Ltd, on behalf of the Rumer Godden Literary Trust. (c) 1960 Rumer Godden

For information about Ms. Godden or for permissions please see the Rumer Godden Literary Trust.

I am very grateful to Ms. Godden's daughter, Jane Murray Flutter, and to the Curtis Brown Group Ltd. for their gracious permission to podcast this novel.

I am very pleased to announce that John Thorne has graciously agreed to let me podcast his new book, Mouth Wide Open: A Cook and His Appetite. In my opinion, Thorne is a writer on the caliber of M.F.K. Fisher, though his writing is completely his own expression, of course. He writes not only about food, but about how we relate to it, history from many angles ... all relating to a particular recipe or ingredient usually ... and life in general. You are in for a real treat.

Podcast Highlight
Not so much a highlight as an announcement that beginning April 1, Escape Pod's offshoot fantasy story site, Podcastle, will begin episodes (website link is here.)

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