Episode 2: Show Notes

Helpful information
  • dys·pep·sia n. Disturbed digestion; indigestion.
  • White duck trousers
  • "Race relations...": remember that this book was written in less politically correct times, although the reference is fleeting and the author's take on it very modern.
  • General: still working with the learning curve on volume levels, microphone placement, etc. Hopefully all is smooth enough not to detract from listening pleasure but if so, rest assured I am working on it.
About the author:
Thorne Smith

The Book
Topper (Modern Library)
This book is under copyright.

Much thanks
To those who have so kindly mentioned Forgotten Classics:
  • Maria Lectrix, a podcaster extraordinaire of classics in sci-fi, mystery, the Church Fathers, and much more.
  • The Curt Jester, one of my favorite bloggers who knows how to appreciate and review a good book.
  • CraftLit, the podcast that made me realize listening to books while knitting was such a genuine pleasure. Without Heather's insistence I surely wouldn't have thought of putting together a promo, much less getting around to actually doing it.
  • Christopher Bailey
  • Mike Aquilina

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