Episode 357: The Wind Boy, chapters 1-2

In which we meet Nan, The Policeman, and the family in the little brown house.
Episode 357, The Wind Boy, chapters 1-2
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Book Information
  • Story rating: G for a girl from the mountains, coppery gold hair, sandals, sculptors, new friends, and the Wind Boy.
  • This story is in the public domain.


  1. You mentioned it being very difficult to learn anything about Ethel Cook Eliot. I found a review of The Wind Boy on Goodreads that was written by her granddaughter, also a writer. The granddaughter’s website is http://winsloweliot.com/biography/. Perhaps she would be willing to tell you more, to share with your listeners. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful book with us, it’s new to me and I love it so far.

    1. Alix, thank you for the scoop! And I'm so glad you like The Wind Boy! :-)


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