Episode 150: Diana Wynne Jones

It's a big, big show with three samples of Diana Wynne Jones' books.

Archer's Goon, Power of Three, and Deep Secret
(download or listen via this link)
Book Information
  • These books are under copyright. Samples are read under the Fair Use Act.
  • If you are enjoying this reading, please buy the books to read. You will enjoy the books much more than these mere samples.
  • Story rating: G
My reviews of Diana Wynne Jones' books ... at least as many as I've read so far.

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    1. Congrats (many!) on 150 ... do you feel old LOL? amazing ... that we all have been able to enjoy so much, so thank you so much!

      (and loved this one chapter readings on this episode, too). cheers!

    2. You are a cruel, cruel woman. Before you even start, you tell us these are hard to find, then you make us want them. Keep up the good work! Love your show.

    3. Thank you Mary JO!:-)

      Sorry Anon, but I'm so glad to know you now want to read them! (Yes, that just goes to show how very cruel I am! ha!)


    I can't hear you ...