Forgotten Tales 1: Great Claus and Little Claus

Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories (Anchor Folktale Library) 
In which Hans Christian Andersen tells us about two Clauses who belong on Santa's naughty list.
(download or listen via this link)

Read more of Hans Christian Andersen's works here.


  1. Thank'ee kindly! I had liked Joseph's Lagniappe episodes, and it is nice to see that you decided to promote it to a feature section.

    Liked the narration, as earlier. Somehow, I had expected a little more critical/analytic editorial commentary, but that is not a biggie.

    That's a start for a podcast fanzine, methinks...


  2. That had occurred to me ... perhaps others will also be encouraged to read or otherwise enlighten us! :-)

  3. Whoops, I forgot to check in on the comments! I did a little bit of research but found almost nothing on H.C. Andersen on line or at the library and nothing specifically about Great Claus and Little Claus. Grimm Brothers are all over the place, I guess they are the big celebrities of the fairy tale world. I should have had some biographical stuff on Andersen, hopefully I'll do another of his in the future. I may do Little Mermaid since it is so different from the Disney movie.

    I'm looking at some myths from Guam for the next one. I'm doing some background research right now.

  4. Myths from Guam! My mouth is watering ... I can't wait. :-)

    And I love The Little Mermaid, though it has such a sad ending.

  5. I have a "steadfast tin soldier" I liked the most. I do not know what the English title. Very nice story. Andersen is also a book for Christmas I bought my child.

  6. "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" is the title in English! I will put it in my "to record" list for the podcast, so look forward to it in the coming months. Thanks for the suggestion!


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