Episode 144: The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh: The Deluge

In which we hear a retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh
and also consider myth and literature.
Epic of Gilgamesh
(download or listen via this link)
Thanks to Rose for her retelling of this epic tale.
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    1. Glad I was able to spurn you on and I hope that it is useful to your listeners.

      As for the Spielberg example, it is a good one and there is man times an author is not in complete control of what he is writing and is unaware of some underlying themes at times.

      Catholic Answer's Jimmy Akin tells a story about his personal friend - author Tim Powers. He asked Tim about some of his underlying themes common to his books which Tim turned out to be totally unaware of and had never made the formal connection with.

      As for "The Handbook of Christian Apologetics", one of the best apologetics books ever. I read it early in my conversion process and it was greatly helpful in dispelling my skepticism and to be able to intellectually embrace my budding faith. The format is just perfect for anybody who wants to approach a subject in a more methodical manner. They recently released "The Handbook of Catholic Apologetics" which is suppose to go into specific Catholic apologetics - on my long list of books to get.

    2. I was reading reviews of the Catholic Handbook when I was looking to see if there was an updated or revised version of this handbook. I saw many complaints that the only change was a 40-page essay added on. That was a disappointment.

      That said, this handbook is supremely helpful in sorting through questions in a logical fashion.

      Thank you again for spurring me on. :-)

    3. I have on several occasions taken the Gilgamesh and tried to read it; never managed. This abridged production of the epic was wonderously wonderful, thank you, Rose!

      Also, the post-epic discussion was highly illuminating and instructive. Thank you muchly for your efforts, and if you ladies find in your bosoms a desire for another similar production, I will very happily welcome the event.


    4. Our pleasure and I am so happy that you enjoyed it. We certainly did! :-)

    5. Hi!
      What a nice surprise :)
      Thanks very much for your kind review!
      Yeah — it's not supposed to be full on horror. Just a hint!
      If you're ready for more.
      Book 2 is called:
      Crowley Golden & the Isis Heart.
      It follows one year after the Bellefaire.
      It can be found @ Isisheartpodcast.com and iTunes.

      I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
      Thanks Again!

    6. Hi, M.J.,

      My pleasure! I have begun listening to Isis (as I call it) much more slowly, especially as the holidays overcame podcast listening ... and am enjoying it very much. :-)



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