Episode 126: The Riddle of the Sands, chapter 21

In which Davies does the impossible.
(download or listen via this link)

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  1. I can't extract this file from the feed...

  2. Hi Anne ... do you mean the episode 126 file? I just downloaded it from a different computer and also was able to play it from the blogspot site using Quicktime. Not sure what the problem is on your end ... or maybe it was my server provider at the time you were trying?

    Anyone else having this problem?

  3. OK, problem is over.
    Episode 126 became visible in google reader some two days ago and only this morning iTunes managed to see it. I finally downloaded and am listening to it right now. Added suspense.

  4. hi julie,
    in one of your podcasts you stated that you were listening to, roadside picnic, where did you find an audio version of that classic?
    thank you.

  5. Hi Anonymous ... I am either blanking right now or Roadside Picnic is not the actual name of the book. I can't call it to mind. Can you help me out with either the author or which episode I mentioned it in? Thanks!

  6. hi julie,
    i am new at this. i heard you on the starship sofa and i am trying to figure out which podcast i was listening to. i have been listening to random podcasts. the authors of roadside picnic are, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.
    thanks for your website here. i really enjoy listening to stories and this is like striking the mother lode.
    my name is anthony so i am not anonymous....

  7. Hi Anthony! So nice to have a name to go with the question.

    Now, if only I had an answer. I have those authors' names on my "to read" list but ... I figured it out. I didn't hear the story but a review of the book at the Science Fiction Book Review Podcast.

  8. hi julie.
    thank you for the feedback. i have read the story a number of times. i was hoping to find it in audible form to listen to on the long ride home from work......
    i hope to talk to you again. you have a great web site. i enjoy your narrations at the sofa. i will explore your site more.


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