On changing music files to podcast files

I have now had a couple of people ask for further details about this process. This is very rough, but here goes ...

This is what I do with my BBC Radio episodes that I get using Radio Downloader.
  • The files come in as music.
  • I "right click" on the episode and choose "Get Info" from the top of the menu that appears.
  • This takes you into a spot with all sorts of handy-dandy settings. For instance, this is where podcasters go to put their cover art into the file before releasing it.
  • If you choose the "Options" tab, you will see in that menu a spot called "Media Kind."
  • Click it and the drop-down menu shows music, audiobook, and others including podcasts.
  • Click ok and the file should disappear from the music section and you will find it magically in the podcasts section.
  • Occasionally I get a file that stubbornly won't disappear and I have found that by making it an audiobook and THEN a podcast ... it works.
It probably sounds complicated but really isn't...

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