The Count of Monte Cristo at CraftLit

Hi everybody, I'm sorry I've taken such a long break!

Until I make it back to the microphone, you might be interested in this exciting news. (Well, I'm pretty excited about it anyway!)

The Count of Monte Cristo is beginning at CraftLit!

I'm an enthusiastic fan of Heather Ordover at CraftLit. Most of you know that since I mention her fairly regularly.

For newcomers, CraftLit is the podcast for people who want to listen to a classic book while they are doing something else (so that's right in my wheelhouse).

Heather, though, takes it one step further. She has insightful commentary on the authors and their work. Yep, you heard me — she does annotation. And then she includes the book audio so you get the whole package in one place.

CraftLit is where I learned to love Frankenstein. It's where I actually finally read Tristan and Isolde (notice I didn't say "learned to love" ... but I'm not sorry I took the journey).

And Heather has a lively group of listeners who often contribute fascinating insights and information. It's a wonderful back and forth which is really engaging. It's like the best class you can imagine.

Anyway, back to where I began, the introduction to The Count of Monte Cristo is posted. There is not only background on Dumas, but a bit of French history.

I've read the book but always meant to revisit it in audio. It looks like the time has come! What better to help me face the fact that I've only got one Dickens novel left to read, and that a half-finished one?

Alexander Dumas ... and Heather ... rescue me!

(iTunes link, CraftLit website)