October Means Halloween ... All Month Long

HALLOWEEN (the book): I downloaded a sample of this book of Halloween short stories. I definitely would pick up the actual book because Ray Bradbury has forbidden anyone to use his work in ebooks and his story October Country is no exception. It is not in the ebook but is in the print version. There is an extremely interesting essay at the beginning about the history of Halloween. Among other things, it points out that Americans have fallen into the habit of celebrating Halloween all month long ... as this very post probably proves. (I prefer to look on it as a count-down, but po-tay-to, po-tah-to, right?)

Redecorating Middle-Earth in Early Lovecraft (Always Halloween and Never Thanksgiving): Amy H. Sturgis reinforces that month-long celebration point with her annual Halloween count-down. Art, quotes, and other ghostly things will be there every day of October.

Halloween Haunt: This annual podcast is back up and running. I always enjoy it for the good mix of fact, poetry, and pop culture episodes.

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