Person of Interest: Buckle Up, People

Men o' action used to be plentiful in prime-time. Handy with their fists and at ease with weaponry, they'd slug and shoot their way through whatever crooks were available.

Now they're a dying breed. Women call the shots in most of this fall's new dramas, with just one of them dependent on a hard-charging leading man. Old school CBS is the carrier and Person of Interest is the show. Buckle up.

Jim Cavaziel, beaten to death in The Passion of the Christ, gets a chance to mete out punishment as a presumed dead former government operative who feels betrayed and looks like hell until Michael Emerson from Lost finds him.
Uncle Barky's review made me hope that the things interesting me in this new series would hold up when watching it.

What caught my eye?
  • Jim Caviezel
  • That guy who was Ben on Lost (ok, Michael Emerson...he'll always be Ben to me)
  • J.J. Abrams
Then we watched it last night (from the DVR, natch) and I saw:
  • Created and written by Jonathan Nolan (yes, you know that Nolan name from brother Christopher and they work together often)
  • 9/11 themes used for good
  • Big Brother is watching ... and gonna help us out for a change ... albeit cryptically, natch
Good acting, interesting script, nice character establishment, hints of further story arc ... all set for turning into something very watchable indeed.

We're in. And buckled up.

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