Mystery on an International Level: Reviewing Mystery at Geneva

Mystery at Geneva: An Improbable Tale of Singular Happenings by Macaulay, Rose, Dame

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Henry Beechtree, a newspaper correspondent for the British Bolshevist, is covering the latest otherwise sleepy session of the League of Nations in Geneva, when the newly elected President – a member of the Norwegian delegation – disappears mysteriously, adding some badly needed ‘spice’ to Henry's assignment. 
I was quickly hooked by the humorous tone of this 1922 book with the naive young reporter learning his way around the League of Nations meeting when the president disappears, leaving foul play suspected. The book is moving quickly with many short chapters taking the reader rapidly from scene to scene, often changing points of view in the process. It is not difficult to keep up with and the wit and intelligence of the writing left me unwilling to listen to anything else.

This is a Librivox free audiobook. Cathy Barratt narrates a bit too quickly for my taste, but just right (probably) for those who like to put their audiobook speed on fast. Her narration seems flawless when it comes to reeling off the many foreign phrases which the book is larded with, due to the international flavor of the setting. She has a pleasant voice, good expression, and is easy on the ear.

In the end, the author surprised me with two different plot twists out of the blue. Overall, she amused me greatly with her astute, cleverly put observations about politics and human nature. Perhaps it says more than she intended at the time, when I reflect that world politics are still recognizable enough to keep her observations still timely.

Short, quick, and recommended.

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