Podcast Premiere: A Good Story Is Hard To Find

Announcing a new Catholic podcast that examines books and movies from a Catholic perspective.

It features Scott Danielson and I who have a lot in common. We are both frequent contributors to SFFaudio (a science fiction audiobook review site and podcast) and also both practicing Catholics. After an SFFaudio podcast one week (the Readalong about The Stars My Destination), we realized that there was a lot to say about some of these books from a Catholic perspective, and we were leaving much of it unsaid. This led to the idea of a podcast where we talk about books and movies “as Catholics”.

So we did it! We just posted the first episode – where we discuss Alden Bell’s excellent zombie novel The Reapers Are the Angels. The podcast is called A Good Story is Hard to Find. The iTunes feed will be coming soon.

Please join us!


  1. At the moment there are lots of readings from the King James Bible on BBC radio 4 to celebrate/commemorate its 400th anniversary. Some v good actors reading beautiful verse. It's available from i-tunes at the mo. Hope this is of interest.
    Thanks for your podcast, Jackie


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