My Top 2 Blogging and Podcasting Tips

I've been blogging for six years and podcasting for three. My goodness, where does the time go?

During that time, I have been asked by others for tips on both blogging and podcasting. The tips for both are the same as I rarely focus on the mechanics of getting the thing done.

Tip #1
Be yourself. Follow your passion.

There are tons of bloggers out there. But there is no one like you, so let us meet the real you.

Enthusiasm waxes and wanes over time for any activity. If it isn't one that you truly care about then your blog will fade steadily away as other matters come along and it gets shoved to one side. Sharing something you truly care about keeps both you and your audience interested. Nothing can replace true enthusiasm and you can't fake it.

Tip #2
Be a good neighbor.

Link back, acknowledge contributions from others, and don't ask for favors that you aren't willing to do for someone in return. If you aren't sure if someone will mind you showing their stuff, then ask for permission (this applies to artwork more than anything else, but some writers will show a copyright on their pages ... notably authors and food blogs.)

This is a no-brainer, right? Like holding the door open for someone or saying, "please" and "thank you."

You'd think so, but there are some folks out there ... some very big name folks, surprisingly ... who don't do this. When you're blogging, you are part of a community. No matter where the community, including cyberspace, manners still count. And people do notice, believe me.

I know this because I have many very good neighbors. A very few of those who provide very good examples for us all include:


  1. Linking back is most appropriate, even citing inspiration is cool too.

    I'm not sure waiting for permission is a good idea. Asking for permission, with perfect communication, would be absolutely preferable, but it is often, still, highly impractical. I'm still waiting to hear back from some authors agents on stuff I wanted to PAY for.

    Life is short and I don't have time for asking for permission on everything I post about. Following the rules of fair dealing and fair use is more than enough for me. Asking for permission is often, still, highly impractical.

    My rule: if you would post it without permission, don't ask, just post it. If you don't get permission, or you don't get any response, that prevents posting it. And the time between the ask and the granting (or denial) is too much waiting. Do it, and apologize if need be, dare to make mistakes.

  2. You are right that most of the time there is no need to ask permission. I've had too many artists get angry to ever post a piece of current art without permission. And, as I said, if someone is an author or a food writer, I'll do a quick search for a copyright notice on the blog. Those are my main exceptions. The citation and link, it are usually good enough.

  3. In your Tip #1, you aren't elaborating on the first part: "Be yourself". You are a delightful example of this maxim in every episode. The way your personality shines through the digitally transmitted, time-shifted audio, is simply heartwarming. The way you mention this or that event of your life, the noises and sounds of the dogs, all that creates a tangible sense of intimacy, of togetherness. It's almost as if I'm a child again and my favourite aunt has sit down to read to me.

    [after the last time hearing the shorter version spoken aloud, I decided to to re-attach the suffix -onen to spare embarrassment ;)]

  4. Pirv-onen (!) ... I think that is one of the nicest things that anyone has ever said. Thank you so much! :-)


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