My Favorite LibriVox Readers

The question came up as to whether multiple readers in one book, such as at LibriVox, bothers those who listen. My answer is no. As long as the readers are somewhat competent I can go with the flow, especially for the price. Which is nonexistent.

However, I cannot tell a lie, I do have favorite readers who I keep listed. I will go to see what these folks have read in order to select LibriVox books.

What? You also want to know these hidden classics? Well, that's my game, right? Sharing the good info. Here you go:
  • Ruth Golding
  • Andy Minter
  • Chip (that's right, no last name)
  • Mark Nelson
  • Karen Savage
  • Alex Foster
  • Lee Elliott
  • Simon Evers
  • Sibella Denton
  • Maire Rhode
  • David N. Castle
  • Rowdy Delaney
  • Clive Catterall
  • Adrian Wheal
  • J. M. Smallheer
  • David Barnes
  • Phil Chenevert
  • Peter Yearsley
  • Elizabeth Klett
  • Elliott Miller
You can find these readers by clicking the "LibriVox catalog" button and then clicking "more search options." It will give a spot where you can enter a reader's name and search books that way.

Suggestions from the comments boxes:
  • Mark F. Smith
  • Cori Samuel
  • John Greenman
  • Mil Nicholson


  1. I don't usually remember all the names, but
    I enjoyed Ruth Golding doing Cleek the master detective and of course Mark Nelson.

    Ray Clare has done a good job with a lot of Belloc and Chesterton titles.

    Mark F. Smith also popped up a lot in what I was reading. Jules Verne, Kippling, and tons of others.

    Now do you have a list of readers to avoid. I wish I had written down the name of a couple of them with accents so thick and talking so low it was about impossible to make them out.

    1. I wanted to listen to the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin until I listened to the preview. GARY GILBERD has a voice like a possessed robot merged with a loud-buzzing fly. OMG, it's beyond annoying. It scary, creepy. There's something wrong. He should not be aloud to ruin any more books. Karen Savage is wonderful.

  2. Oh, good point! I wish, oh I wish, I had been keeping track of those. There are a few whose undulcet tones I hear and immediately toss the book. I am going to begin making notes ...

  3. I agree with many on your list, but I would also have Cori Samuel way up near the top, myself!

    (This comment NOT posted by Ms. Samuel or anyone who knows her)

  4. I will have to look for her. She must not have read anything that I've listened to yet. Recommendations?

  5. Don't forget the incredible John Greenman - Mark twain was never read so well.

  6. Julie, I don't know how I missed this list earlier. Thanks for the great suggestions. Several of these names are new to me.

  7. Don't forget Adrian Praetzellis! He's excellent with Treasure Island and Kim by Rudyard Kipling. He has a real fun accent and does a great job with varying the voices.

  8. Glen Hallstrom (smokestackjones), does an amazing job in A Christmas Carol.

  9. Mark Nelson is my favorite. His best work is Space Viking by H. Beam Piper.

  10. David Barnes is my all-time favorite.
    My other all-time favorite is Andrew Julow.

  11. For Plato - Bob Neufeld

  12. An english reader His name is something like "Josh Volander" Terrific!

  13. Michael Scott is an annoying LibriVox reader. His voice is affected and most unsoothing. I guess I'm in the minority in this thinking because he's everywhere. I suppose he's a very nice man, and my apologies to him. I just cannot relax to that voice! Thank you.

  14. I am also a great fan of Cori Samuel. I find her one of the most compelling readers of them all.

  15. Ruth here. Thanks for all the kind comments :). Andrew Julow and Michael Scott mentioned in comments above are not LibriVox readers (as far as I can tell). The "Josh Volander" might be Lars Rolander, but he is Swedish, not English.

    1. Thank you for the updates Ruth! And thank you for the readings you have done for LibriVox. You have enriched many an hour for me with your fine narration. :-)

  16. Peter John Keeble reading of Great Expectations - perfection.

  17. Tadhg Hynes reading of Charles Dickens is really wonderful. David Copperfield, version 2, is not to be missed. I also really like Mil Nicholson on Charles Dickens: Our Mutual Friend, Little Dorrit, and Nicholas Nickleby.

    1. Just listened and he is indeed wonderful!

  18. Thanks for this list. I am fairly new to these. I will listen to absolutely anything Andy Minter reads. (Perhaps even the phone book.) I will now look forward to your other suggestions as well. Thanks again.

  19. It's Adrian Praetzellis, hands down! He is absolutely brilliant narrating Siddhartha.

  20. Kristen Hughes and Gord Mckensie are both brilliant; her reading of Raffles is sublime and his Scaramouche a professional perfection.

  21. I can't believe that Tadig Hines isn't included! Try his:
    David Copperfield
    Ragged Trouser-ed Philanthropists
    Poet as a Young Man
    Several renderings of Thomas Hardy classics

    The best (IMHO) British/Irish reader on Librivox..

    1. I recently discovered him with his fantastic David Copperfield recording and I completely agree. I will definitely try his other recordings. Thank you for the recommendations!


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