Episode 103: The Uninvited, chapters 8-9

In which the the play is the thing ... along with Stella and the ghost.

The Uninvited, chapters 8-9
(download or listen via this link)

This book is in the public domain.
(Note: I have researched the copyright to the best of my ability as well as written to the original publishers more than once and received no reply. My conclusion, therefore, is that this book is in the public domain. If anyone has conclusive information to the contrary, please contact me.)

Story rating
PG  ... for ghostliness.

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  1. I am loving this! I'm almost caught up! Thank you so much for reading this for us.

  2. About the size of paperbacks...can't say I agree. I rarely find myself in the position to read anywhere other than home, or the airport, or beach, so a larger book just feels better to me. Also, the smaller the book, the smaller the type!


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