Episode 101: The Uninvited, chapters 6-7

In which the house party continues, Roddy and Pamela see a play ...
and someone sees a ghost.

The Uninvited, chapters 6-7
(download or listen via this link)

This book is in the public domain.
(Note: I have researched the copyright to the best of my ability as well as written to the original publishers more than once and received no reply. My conclusion, therefore, is that this book is in the public domain. If anyone has conclusive information to the contrary, please contact me.)

Story rating
PG ... for ghostliness.

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1 comment:

  1. I just got an ipod for Christmas and found your podcasts. I LOVE you! I'm listening to the Uninvited and am enthralled with your voice and style. I thoroughly enjoyed "The Lottery"- I had not read that since college and had totally forgotten how great Shirley Jackson stories are- thanks for the reminder.
    I am a knitter and love to listen as I get going on a project. Also as a dog owner (um, actually 3 large dogs plus assorted guests at times) the dog noises are comfortable for me, almost like you are actually here. But honestly if you were here, there would be much more noise and a ton of barking, your pack seems much better behaved ;)
    I am looking forward to more "Uninvited" and going back through the archives to hear what I missed. I have a feeling I will be getting a LOT of knitting done.
    Thanks and keep up the awesome work


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