Top 5 6 New Podcasts of 2008

Why 6? Because it's one more than 5. (In no particular order.)
  1. CogKNITive - Dr. Gemma, the prison psychologist who tells us what she is knitting, a fun thing she likes, a real-life strategy to make life better, and blathers about her job.

  2. Dinner Party Download -"a fast and funny 'booster shot' of news and culture designed to help you dazzle friends and family at this weekend's dinner party."

  3. Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips - "tips for eating well and feeling fabulous." She also displays eminent common sense in cutting through the fads to the facts.

  4. StarShipSofa ... ok, this is not technically new this year but Tony has reimagined SSS so thoroughly that it might as well be new. A complete sci-fi audio magazine every week with fiction, poetry, movie and book reviews, science articles, genre articles. Fantastic!

  5. #11 Central Ave. - "Chicago Public Radio’s new comic strip. This radiostrip plays out in the kitchen of 11 Central Ave, the home of an extended family. As they rush around in the morning drinking coffee, looking for their shoes, they're talking about everything from the most compelling topics of our time (immigration, the war, racism, suicide) to the most ridiculous (mommy blogging, help desks in India, pocket dialing, donor eggs, the fog of internet dating.) It's a wry look at America's zeitgeist in four minutes." It also is eminently even-handed. Whether you lean to the right or left, you're going to see yourself here and the other side as well.

  6. SFFaudio - "News, reviews, and commentary on all forms of science fiction, fantasy, and horror audio. Audiobooks, audio drama, podcasts. Mystery, crime, and noir audio are also fair game." Along the way Scott and Jesse also detour for discussions of many other interesting topics such as authors, DRM music, the library system, pirates, Vikings, rappers, and more. It is for sci-fi uber-geeks ... and if y'all didn't know, yes, that includes me (despite my general disinterest in the writing of Philip K. Dick and Orson Scott Card).

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