2008 Top 5 6: Audiobooks

Why 6? Because it's one more than 5. (In no particular order and including only books I have finished.)
  1. Already Dead by Charlie Huston: I reviewed this masterful combination of noir with vampirism at SFFaudio, without which blog I'd never have heard it in the first place.

  2. Assam and Darjeeling by T.M. Camp: again reviewed for SFFaudio, this was my find for them and also was named a SFF Audio essential recording. Free!

  3. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman: This book will be found in the YA sections I think but is actually great for any age, especially when listening to the Audible recording which is by the author. An assassin murders all of a sleeping family except the toddler who habitually slips out of his crib and wanders whenever possible. He wanders to the graveyard before the assassin locates him. In the meantime, the ghost of his mother has appealed to the graveyard ghosts to save her baby. They band together and the little boy is raised by them. As well, the mysterious assassin does not give up so there is a mystery in addition to the fun Neil Gaiman has playing with our graveyard concepts.

  4. Jeeves in the Morning by P.G. Wodehouse: Read at Uvula Audio. The perfect amount of dottiness is achieved in the voicing of Bertie Wooster as we are taken on a hilarious comedy in Wodehouse's classic style. If you've never tried a P.G. Wodehouse book, this would be a perfect first step. Free!

  5. The Risk Profession by Donald Westlake read on Maria Lectrix but archived handily at the title link by SFFaudio. This is more properly a novella but it is a gem that has you trying to solve the mystery of insurance fraud in space before the hard-boiled investigator narrating the tale. (Um, which I completely did, by the way.) If you've never listened to Maureen O'Brien's reading it is a nice intro to that as well. Free!

  6. The Green Odyssey by Philip Jose Farmer: Read by Mark Douglas Nelson at SciPodCast. The link is to the concluding episode where Nelson always includes a zip file of the entire book (so thoughtful!). This is a classic space opera/adventure tale of astronaut Alan Green who has been stranded on a primitive planet that would seem at home to those who enjoy reading Edgar Rice Burroughs novels (guilty as charged). As he struggles to escape his slavery and find his way to the two spacemen he has learned are stranded on the other side of the planet, his entanglements provide both humor and adventure. Nelson is narrator you want to investigate if you like classic sci-fi. Free!

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