Agatha Christie

Up Close and Personal: a sampler of her nonfiction writing.

The Secret Adversary
(now out of copyright in the U.S., in the public domain)
  1. Episode 56: Chapters 1-3
  2. Episode 57: Chapters 4-6
  3. Episode 58: Chapters 7-9
  4. Episode 59: Chapters 10-12
  5. Episode 61: Chapters 13-15
  6. Episode 62: Chapters 16-17
  7. Episode 63: Chapters 18-20
  8. Episode 64: Chapters 21-23
  9. Episode 65: Chapters 24-25
  10. Episode 67: Chapters 26-28 and finale


  1. Why the hell do you waste 5+ minutes with your pointless soundbites? People just want to listen to the audio book NOT your awkward monologue about the weather or politics. So please, spare us the crap.

  2. Ah, Anonymous, if only your view were unanimous, but it is not. Some people actually enjoy all that conversation, or so they tell me. So I keep it up.

    If it is too arduous for you to scroll forward for 5-10 minute, please accept my sympathies. I advise either seeing a doctor for the physical pain of scrolling or practicing patience which is good for the character and the soul.

    Or there are other recordings probably out there to which you may listen. Oh wait, they're probably not free ... so maybe you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth? :-)

  3. um. When I click on the episodes it doesn't give the option of skipping, pausing, stopping etc the recording. Hence the whole point of my original comment. If one wants to continue the story he or she is forced to listen through the entire intro....

  4. How are you accessing them?

    When I click to listen directly on the computer, QuickTime loads the feed. You can hit the || symbol to pause the playing while it continues to load. Then pull the little button ahead 5-10 minutes or so.

    On an iPod you can scroll ahead with the wheel. I don't know about other listening devices, however, when I used to load them onto CDs for in-car listening, there was the fast forward button.

    My husband says that when he listens to podcasts where he skips commentary he can put the speed on 2x which is just enough to tell when they change subjects.

    So ... perhaps you are handicapped by a different sort of player? I'm curious now, because I've never come across one where you couldn't skip ahead.

  5. I just clicked on the episode one link (on this page) and it took me from Forgotten Classics to a blank screen with a black bar in the middle that has no pause, stop etc. buttons. (This bar doesn't show time progression and clicking on it doesn't move one to different points in the narrative)

  6. Interesting because that was the sample page I used to see what Quick Time does. And it had all the features I described above.

    So then it is a question of what your computer is "seeing." Do you have Quick Time? If so, what version?

    Or might it work better to download the episode and run it through iTunes?

    Just trying to get a feel for what software is "translating" the mp3 here.

  7. Just a thought: I am using firefox as my browser since internet explorer is always slow to load and freezes. I don't know if that has anything to do with it?

  8. Hmmm ... I also use Firefox so that isn't it.

    What version of Internet Explorer are you using? What sort of machine? And age? Do you run Quick Time? If so what versions? I may be able to feed this info to my husband and get either advice or some sort of reason for the problem.

  9. Julie, thank you for your great readings. Its difficult to find Agatha Christie's audiobooks for free, and I can't really afford to buy books, so this has been an absolute delight. And unlike 'Anonymous' I am loving your commentaries made before & after the podcast. Since, now the news (that you have supplied with these podcast) are so irrelative that my mind often diverts away and all I can hear is your tinkling lovely voice with your occasional chuckles. Thanks a ton.

  10. Thank you! 8 years later and we're still finding this useful.


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