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China Court:
Produced with permission of Curtis Brown Group Ltd, on behalf of the Rumer Godden Literary Trust. (c) 1960 Rumer Godden. For information about Ms. Godden or for permissions please see the Rumer Godden Literary Trust.


  1. I have started from the beginning of your podcast and am catching up on the great books you have been reading. I am really enjoying them. I am trying to finish China Court, but cannot seem to download the full version of episode 38. Am I doing something wrong, or is the book portion of this episode really missing? I am desperate to hear the end.


  2. I'm so happy to hear that you've been enjoying the books!

    I must admit that I am not sure what the problem is that you are encountering. I just downloaded it to check and also listened to pieces, including the very end on my computer.

    I am so sorry ... although I see that for some reason the mp3 when played on the computer comes through with the proper file name, but when downloaded comes through as "proof." So odd, although both played ok.

    I will investigate when I get to a spot where I can check what is on the server. More later and I apologize for the problem!

  3. Hi Julie, I've loved this book ever since I first listened to it here. I was happy to find a copy of it for a dollar recently!


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